Freeing children from slavery

We have been asked by one of our partners, Pastor Samuel, to prayerfully consider helping to release these six children from slave labour.

These children, because of the intense poverty of their families, were sold into child slavery. A lifestyle which will continue throughout their childhood and into adulthood. If these children can be given their freedom, they will be homed in an orphanage where they will be cared for and given an education. All this is with the consent of their parents.

It will cost £250 to free one child from these awful conditions, and allow him to regain his childhood. How wonderful it would be to be able to raise the £1500 needed to see all six children living a life of freedom!

Please use our donations page if you can help make a life-changing difference to these boys. Thank you!

“Any amount will be a great blessing, as every little helps!”

Pastor Samuel