Outcome of the Harmony Choir Fundraising event

Because of the intense poverty of their families, these six children featured in the picture, were sold into child slavery. A lifestyle which would have continued throughout their childhood and into adulthood, if it was not for the support of the North Devon based Harmony Choir and generous donors.

In November 2019, the Choir offered to help raise funds to free six boys from slave labour in Southern India. They organised two separate events and in December we were able to send our partner the full amount of £1500 to rescue these children. We are so grateful to the choir for putting their time and talent together to fundraise for the freedom of these children.


The boys have all received medical attention, given new clothes and are now safe in an orphanage where they will be cared for and given an education. All this is with the consent of their parents.

“We thank the Vision for Asia supporters and also the Trustees for helping children come out of slavery. All these children have been given a better place to live and better education in orphanages where the Christian principles are taught.

India is bound by more than 25 million slave children and we cannot rescue all of them, but our motivation is to save one life at a time.

The children once they are rescued are given woollen blankets and also new clothes and medical treatment as they are very weak. They are then sent to mainstream school.

They say a great thank you and even though they do not know you, they say that they will pray for you.”

Pastor Samuel

Rescuing children from slavery is a new project area for us, but such a vital and worthwhile one. The problem is huge throughout India, but we will take our partner’s motto for ourselves into 2020 “One child at a time!”

In January, Vision for Asia was able to fund the release of a further seven children from unscrupulous owners. We are waiting for an update on these children.

Together, we are making a difference.