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Our partners throughout Asia understand the context of the lives of the people they meet. They share our values and deliver programmes which are life changing. We work with partners to secure and manage funding, develop monitoring and reporting systems, and to offer support and encouragement when needed.

All our projects are dynamic, and the results are seen in the changed lives of those we and our partners serve.

Partner with us to bring hope out of despair, one life at a time. Invest in a work which impacts individuals, families and communities.


There is no free health service in India, therefore this programme is of vital importance to the well-being of the school children to enable them to maintain their health in order to continue with their education.

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It is a genuine hunger for ideas, rather than handouts, which motivates us to do whatever it takes to see people living under such difficult conditions be empowered with training and resources that can break the cycle of poverty, as well as offering humanitarian aid to support them through their circumstances.

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Vocational Training

Vision for Asia regularly looks at initiating new projects to help train adults in a vocation which will enable them to become self-supporting and provide an income for themselves and their families, empowering them to raise themselves out of poverty. We help fund teaching ladies to sew and men to repair bicycles.

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Child Education

We are helping children such as these, and orphans, with their education so they can become more employable in the future, thus breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

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