Vision for Asia initiate new projects which train adults in a vocation, enabling them to become self-supporting and provide an income for themselves and their families. This is an empowering experience for them because it helps them achieve a financially independent future and a way out of poverty.

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Vision for Asia Sewing and Dressmaking Programme


Many families in Asia do not have an education because they have to work from an early age to survive. Vision for Asia help families and orphans with their education so they can become employable in the future. Our projects educate and enlighten people so they can start to have hope for a more positive future.

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Medical Progamme at Rupamari School


Poverty effects many people in Asia and can lead to malnourishment, disease, gangs, corruption, human trafficking, and slavery. Working with our Asian partners we create bespoke and innovative projects to free individuals and the wider community from the cycle of poverty. Please help us with a donation so we can continue our life-changing work.

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Vision for Asia helping people in poverty

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