“To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which shall really increase the happiness and welfare and virtue of mankind – this is a choice which is possible for all of us; and surely it is a good haven to sail for.” Henry Van Dyke

It is a genuine hunger for ideas, rather than handouts, which motivates us to do whatever it takes to see people living under such difficult conditions be empowered with training and resources that can break the cycle of poverty, as well as offering humanitarian aid to support them through their circumstances.

With this goal in mind, the Vision for Asia welfare project supports our pastors with the finances needed to touch and improve the daily lives of the people they serve. Whether it’s the provision of blankets for rickshaw drivers, the distribution of Bible for those desperate to read it or a village water pump providing fresh, clean drinking water to a whole community, we delight in seeing the smiling faces of people whose lives have been changed by the small things we often take for granted.

The Chicken Project

The covid pandemic in India has added to the already harsh reality of living in the rural villages. The people have not been able to travel to work and have therefore been unable to earn any money. No money in these areas means no way to buy food and many people have died through starvation...

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Afghanistan Refugees

We left Afghanistan to protect our lives. Thousands of refugees have been entering Pakistan through the Chaman border, Quetta over recent months. Many are living in tents and the others are seeking shelter. So many people are in need of food and water for their survival. Our partner in Pakistan knows this area well as...

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Rescuing Children from Slavery

Because of the intense poverty inflicted on many families throughout India, children are often sold into slavery by desperate parents in order to repay debts or earn some extra much needed money. An estimated 135,000 children are sold into slavery annually. Children will be subjected to bonded labour in brick kilns or quarries, in factories...

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Christmas Feeding and Gifts for Children

Each year at Christmas we support feeding programmes which our partners in Asia run. These not only provide large numbers of people living in poverty with a meal but also give opportunities to share the gospel message, sometimes where it has never been heard before. Children also receive a gift for Christmas. Vision for Asia...

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Vision for Asia Christmas Feeding Programme

Leprosy Village Support

No one understands rejection more than a person with leprosy. Vision for Asia supports our partners in Southern India whose work regularly takes them within the confines of leprosy villages.

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Provision of Bibles

Allowing God’s Word to reach our brothers and sisters in Asia. Helping our persecuted brothers and sisters in Asia learn about our Father God and the Lord, Jesus Christ; strengthening their faith and discipling others.

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Vision for Asia Provision of Bibles Programme

Provision of Clothing

Indian winters can be cold, and wet during the monsoon season. People who have homes are living in damp and draughty conditions and others are seen living on the streets and alleyways.

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Vision for Asia Provision of Clothing Programme

Blankets for Rickshaw Drivers

Rickshaw drivers are a symbol of the 'old' India coexisting with the 'new' on the roads. They are a symbol of poor India sharing the same coordinates with the rich, a unique viewing experience which urban India offers to the world.

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Blankets For Rickshaw Drivers

Water Pumps

1.1 billion people globally have no access to clean water. This project aims to help communities by giving them access through water pumps to clean, uncontaminated water in their village setting.

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Vision for Asia Water Pumps Project

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