Child Education

Many families in Asia do not have the luxury of an education as they have had to work simply to survive.

The hopes and dreams of the children are marred by the circumstances they find themselves in. There is no escape from the terrible conditions he or she is born into – only a childhood lost forever, often having to work from a young age to help their families, but they have not stopped dreaming. Our mission is to impact the lives of children from poverty-stricken families, enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives.

We are helping children such as these, and orphans, with their education so they can become more employable in the future, thus breaking the generational cycle of poverty that can otherwise be a lifelong sentence.

The success stories from the children we support show that they are bright and indeed have the ability to fulfil their dreams. Can you help to enable them to reach their full potential? Please help support the Vision for Asia Child Education programme.

Leprosy Village Child Education

Together with our partners, we are working to bring hope to 14 children living in one leprosy village, through giving them a basic education.

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Philippines Orphan Education

This project aims to support 30 orphan children from three of the mountain villages in sending them to school. They will begin schooling at the age of 5 and finish at the age of 18. The children walk two miles to Junior school and seven miles to senior school!

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Philippines Orphan Education Vision for Asia

Rupamari School

In January 2016, Vision for Asia helped set up a school on an island in the Sundarbans area of West Bengal for 30 children, using the newly built sewing hut. The aim being, to help children of this island village break the cycle of poverty. There are currently 83 children enrolled at the school.

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Vision for Asia Rupamari School project

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