Flood Relief – The difference your donations have made

FLOOD APPEAL RESPONSE – The severe drought which hit several countries throughout Asia during the first half of the year was swiftly followed by widespread floods. Both water scarcity in summer and floods during the monsoon are seasonal phenomena, and leave in their wake the loss of lives, homes, possessions and livestock.

During the August floods, 1024 villages throughout the State of Kerala were washed away. Hundreds were feared trapped under debris following major landslides. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana lost 55 churches. The church which Vision for Asia helped to build was flooded and 90 families of the church were made homeless.

We appealed for help and rejoiced in the response. Our heartfelt thanks goes to all who donated. This generosity enabled us to send two of our partners in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh financial assistance towards their relief work. People have been fed and clothed, and houses rebuilt because of your kindness.

Rebuilding houses which were destroyed

We have been asked to convey to all who donated during this time, the thanks of our partners and those whom they were able to help.

Distributing basic aid packages to villages