On average, a British person lets eight litres of water flow down the sink while they clean their teeth. 1.1 billion people globally have no access to clean water.

Flushing the toilet in the UK uses more water than an average village Indian has for cooking, washing and drinking each day.

Every morning we turn on the bathroom tap knowing that the water flowing into the sink will be clean and will not run out. It’s difficult to imagine being in a position of having to choose between drinking contaminated water or losing one’s life from dehydration. However, for millions of people in rural India, the former sadly often leads to widespread health problems and even death. They do not have the luxury of clean, running water in their village let alone their own home, necessitating women and children having to walk long distances. The average woman in rural India walks three miles every day for water, together with her children, carrying heavy loads of water-filled containers. Water from putrid rivers or disease-infested swamps or ponds.

Drought and a lack of water resources in the summer of 2018 severely impacted daily life and wellbeing for people living in rural communities. Thousands sadly died through dehydration. Please, help us not to allow similar statistics this year.

Vision for Asia Water Pumps Project aims to help communities by giving them access through water pumps to clean, uncontaminated water in their village setting.

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