Because of the intense poverty inflicted on many families throughout India, children are often sold into slavery by desperate parents in order to repay debts or earn some extra much needed money.

An estimated 135,000 children are sold into slavery annually. Children will be subjected to bonded labour in brick kilns or quarries, in factories or workshops for no pay of their own, begging on the streets for the profit of their owners, boys working in bars and both boys and girls forced into acts such as sexual exploitation (including prostitution). It is not uncommon for these children to receive regular beatings from their masters. All this is a lifestyle which will continue throughout their childhood and into adulthood, unless we help – one child at a time.

The problem is massive, but Vision for Asia is working to enable our partner in Southern India to indeed rescue one child at a time. To date, 13 children have been freed and are safely living in orphanages from where they will receive emotional and medical support and enter into full time education.

Any donations will greatly contribute to continue rescuing children from slavery. Together, we can make a difference.

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