Rupamari – Post Cyclone

There are moments in our lives when we feel unable to adequately express our true depth of emotion to events which are brought to our attention. We strive to think of what we can do to change or help in a certain situation, knowing we must do something.

The recent Cyclone Amphan which hit West Bengal is one such event and we are beginning to see the full extent of the impact which the Cyclone has had on Rupamari Island. A video has been compiled from video clips and photos which our partner has shared with us. You can view it here.

Although a daily meal is being provided from one central point, the majority of the islanders have to walk long distances, often through conditions such as these, to access it. On most days, by the time they reach their destination, all the food has gone; there is just not enough for everyone.

Lady wading through water
Young boy collecting food

With homes either flooded or totally destroyed, many people are camping down on any pathways which are still intact. Our partner’s priority is to get people under cover and to provide food for those who are currently starving, bringing some relief while the government gains access to the island to assess the situation for themselves.

We have used some money from Vision for Asia’s general funds and sent this together with the generous donations you have been making. Thank you so much! This is how your money has be spent based on one family:

Plastic sheeting for house/roof repairs(x2 per house) = £19.50
x2 packets of biscuits = £1.10
Dried rice = £2.20
Fried Rice = £2.20
Total for one family = £25.00

We shall be providing these emergency packages to 114 families.
This basic food will supplement whatever they are able to obtain from the centralised distribution centre, and will last one week. 

Rupamari School repair work

The bamboo walls of Rupamari School were damaged.

Cyclone Damage to School walls

The repair of the School is of great importance. We believe it would make more sense to build the brick layer up higher to replace the flimsy bamboo walls. By doing this, it would give those living close to the school a secure shelter for future monsoons or cyclones. The area in front of the school is often used for community celebrations and meals throughout the year, especially at Christmas and Easter. This is currently just mud which is being washed away not only by the recent cyclone, but also by monsoon rains each year. We will be endeavouring to have this area concreted.

Area to be concreted

We have had enquiries from our supporters for an estimated breakdown of costs for the rebuilding work. Our partner has discussed this with the builder and has sent the following.

Phase one: Rebuild the School with brick  

Materials = £3255   
Labour = £720 
Transport of materials to the Island = £201  TOTAL = £4176 

Phase two: Repairing the ground surrounding the school hut

Materials = £1182  
Labour = £228
Transport of materials to the Island = £ 95 

Phase three: Building a kitchen hut

At present all the cooking utensils, pans and gas burners are kept in the inner porch of the school taking up vital room. This is a much-needed facility to keep all of this away from the children and locked in a safe place. We have had plans to do this when money became available.

Materials = £670 
Labour = £166
Transport of materials to the Island = £134

TOTAL for the completion of all three phases = £6651

Your donations have been so appreciated and crucial in enabling us to make a start, but as you can see, there is still more to achieve. Please pray about whether you are able to support the ongoing work to help with the School repairs.

Thank you!

The Trustees

If you would like to donate you can do so through the donations page: or contact [email protected] for alternative ways to make a donation.

Please Help!

Please help if you can through prayer and financial support!

The Trustees