Urgent Flood Appeal for Kerala

Incessant rains have once again created havoc in Kerala, which has caused many deaths, left hundreds of people stranded and thousands more homeless. 1024 villages throughout the State have been washed away. Relief camps have been set up to house the affected people.

Since Thursday 8th August, Kerala continues to battle the torrential downpour lashing its shores. The death toll rises through rain related incidents, including flooding and landslides, with over 64,000 people being sheltered in over 738 relief camps.

Many people are stuck in their homes due to flooding and roads being washed away, and hundreds are feared trapped under debris following major landslides.

Landslide under rail track

The deluge continues as Kerala grapples to fully recover from the extensive damage caused by the floods of August, 2018

The poorest people are seriously affected. They have lost everything; the little that they owned has been washed away by the floods. Houses submerged or washed away, livestock, crops, their possessions all gone.

Our partner who lives in Kerala tells us that he is currently unable to reach the villages. However, when the present situation eases he will undoubtedly be able to coordinate relief work through his church, organising food parcels to be distributed to affected areas.

Trains at a standstill

If you can assist in this relief work your money will be spent on providing much needed food. Please use the donations page to do this. Thank you!