How Your Money is Used

Reasons why you can trust Vision for Asia to manage your donations effectively:

We strive to utilise and manage the money donated to effectively support the requests and needs of our 10 Asian partners.

In 2019 we saw our income increase by 62% thanks to your heart to give to the charity which means we were able to respond to more of the requests from our partners. 

We are a volunteer run organisation so need to utilise part of the donations given to cover the annual running costs incurred in administer the work of the charity here in the UK. So 20p in every £1 donated is used for this purpose.

However, in 2019 as you can see from the chart below, we used only 13p for this purpose, the remaining 7p was added to either projects/pastoral ministry as needed. Our target for 2020 in this area is to maintain this balance or if possible, to improve it down from 13p to 10p.

2019 saw the charity complete the rebranding started in 2018 which included the launching of our new website in April. Our aim in 2020 is to continue to maintain and update these changes as necessary.

We are again hoping to increase our income by 20%, which was our target in 2019, in order to continue to support the fast growth that our Asian partners are experiencing in their work. We hope to achieve this by firstly getting the charity more widely know and as a consequence to see an increase in the number of volunteers helping to run, promote and fundraise.


Download the financial pages from our impact report for a more detailed breakdown of how your money was spent in our different project areas and pastoral support.

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