The stigma of leprosy runs deep and is dreaded in many Asian circles.

The disease is considered so dreadful that once a person contracts leprosy he is turned out of his home and village and left to beg and fend for himself. In some rural villages the family members perform the funeral rites according to the Hindu customs, never to receive them back home.

As far back as biblical times, while people with leprosy traditionally suffered banishment from family and neighbours, Jesus broke from that tradition. He treated lepers with compassion, touching and healing them. Through this project our partners seek to follow this example in reaching out and supporting these precious souls living in leprosy villages.

Supporting this work is a new project area for Vision for Asia. Are you able to help us in seeing this work develop?

Donations of any amount through the Donation Page will provide these villages with much needed food and clothing.

My greatest heartache when I hear my little boy cry, is that I am not able to properly feed my family. I have no way of earning money. But now someone is helping us, there is hope. Thank you!

A leprosy sufferer

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