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Hear from Lucy about Rupamari School

I take the great pleasure in saying that I know somebody who’s been to India and who has helped suffering children. She is amazing, and so are the people she went with. This woman is my hero and really has inspired me. When she got home from her trip to India, she said that each and every child she met made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. She said that when she gave the children their new uniforms from their sponsors in the UK their faces lit up because they have never been given new clothes before. They skipped home that day happy, clutching their precious bundle of clothes.

I’m a lucky child with a happy life. Unfortunately, in some countries they don’t have everything we have, in fact, they don’t have a lot. My name is Lucy and I would like to say a few words about India, Rupamari school and the amazing children inside it.

Lucy, aged 11

You see, these children need you. Deep down you must persuade yourself to help these desperate children. Climb out of that hole that’s dragging you down and reach for the top. Please Sponsor one of these amazing children. Just donate £5 a month and make a child’s day something to smile about. Thank you!