Testimony of a Pastor serving the Lord in West Bengal

“My name is Narayan. I grew up as a Hindu but now I am a Christian.

I saw my family, friends and neighbours worship their gods to get healing and salvation, but despite their prayers they never received it. Neither did I ever receive what I used to pray for. My life was full of hatred, sorrow and hardship. I was full of jealousy, bad habits and much more.  On top of all this, I had no source of income, so me and my family were always hungry.

Over a period of time I witnessed a Christian Pastor, together with the village House Church leaders visiting non-Christian people’s houses and spending time with them. They would make friends with the people, and in turn, these people grew confident in being able to talk openly about their problems and health concerns. The pastors would listen and offer to pray for them. Miraculously, through prayer we saw God do many healings.

It was not long after this that the pastor met with me and said that I needed to be saved; I needed to know Jesus in my life. I fell to my knees, asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and I accepted Jesus into my life. After receiving Him I knew in my heart that I was now a new creation and I was reborn after taking water baptism.


Seven years later

I still live in the same village, but I am now serving the Lord Jesus as a pastor there myself, to the very people who know me so well. I am blessed to get time to visit houses and spend time talking and praying and helping and caring for other people. 

We see many people come to the Lord and then take Baptism. A new Church is soon established in someone’s home. People are shown the love of Jesus through our work. Through providing a village with a school, through the art school, feeding programmes, help with Medical check-ups and when people are suffering so much, we go to their houses and spend time with them. We show love and care of Jesus through our ministry.

By the Grace of God, He chose me to serve Him through serving people in rural villages. My life is now wonderful, enjoyable and peaceful since receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as a personal Saviour.

It is my prayer that my village people and my family will get saved; to meet with the Lord Jesus and get the opportunity to go Heaven.”