Rupamari School classroom

Rupamari School News

I am always excited to see how this project is successfully achieving its goal in offering free schooling in three core subjects of English, Maths and Bengali. Having recently received the children’s exam results which they sat in November 2018, and their class reports, it is clear that these are very bright children who are all excited to have been given this opportunity to learn.

32 children were successful in passing their 2018 exams and are now continuing their education at the State School. In January 2019, 30 new children enrolled at Rupamari School.

Since 2016, 54 children have been accepted into the State School having achieved excellent exam results from Rupamari School.

The school, which started in January 2016 with 30 children, now has now 74 children on the register, so please join us in praying for more openings to speak of this work and gain more sponsors.

By supporting the child sponsorship scheme, together we are bringing the prospect of a brighter future to some of the poorest children in West Bengal.

Nicola Ross – Rupamari School Project Manager