Kerala backwaters in south india

Flood Disaster in Kerala 2018

In the month of August, as we were experiencing high temperatures in the UK, the state of Kerala witnessed its worst flooding in 100 years. According to the BBC news website, the monsoon which of course is a regular feature in the Indian climatic cycle, dumped one month’s worth of rain on the State in just two days. 820 people died and thousands of people suffered with having no food and drinking water. Many homes were lost as thousands of buildings collapsed. The flooding and mudslides combined were catastrophic in terms of both life and property.

Vision for Asia were able to respond quickly and effectively through our mission partner and friend. Money was generously donated by UK supporters and was sent for the purchase and distribution of food and other items essential for survival to those in need. Our partner, together with his team, were able to distribute 2000 food packets to needy families and they also rebuilt the house of a local pastor.

We are now eight months down the line and yet the massive cleaning up process is ongoing and medical needs remain crucially high.