Rupamari School Building work urgently required

Rupamari School and grounds are well used throughout the year not only for teaching purposes but also for community events to celebrate Festivals, such as Christmas and Easter and to entertain visitors.

Entertaining visitors

Since the school was built in 2016 the forecourt/playground area has remained unconcreted. It is not difficult to imagine the catastrophic scenes which are witnessed at high tide and during the monsoon season which causes flash flooding. The dry soil soon becomes a boggy mess leaving this area unusable for some time.

A request for help

These heavy rains are washing away the mud and consequently causing a worrying decrease in the ground level.

The ground used to be the same level as the walkway

The request from Pastor Piyal is for financial assistance to concrete the entire forecourt to stop this from happening, therefore enabling this area to continue to be used even after heavy rains.

As well as this major work, the building itself is in need of some minor repair work. Some of the bamboo walls need replacing and the newly built children’s toilet block requires painting.

Summary of building costs from Piyal


1.     Bricks       _________________________£385.71

2.     Gold sand________________________ £220.41

3.     Cement__________________________ £231.43

4.     White Sand   ______________________£110.20

5.     Labourers_________________________ £110.20

6.     Head Labourer____________________ £  77.14

7.     Colour for toilet____________________£  22.04      

Total = £1157.13                                             

School building work

(Need bamboo, wall work, sealing work)



                                                    Total = £132.24

                          Grand total = £1289.00

Can you help?

If you feel this is an area of work you would like to contribute to then please do so through the donate page, specifying where your donation is for. Alternatively, please email [email protected] for any further information.