Christmas gifts for children

As Christmas draws near the word that comes to most people’s mind is “Joy”. Whether it’s an advert for a new product that will bring bliss or a hope that this year will finally be the year that true joy comes flooding into our lives and relationships, it seems to be the word that is echoed throughout this season.

When I reflect on the word “Joy”, I remember the time I spent with children during my visit to India with a group of friends. Joy reflected in the children’s faces, their eyes, their smiles. Sheer joy at being able to share their lives, if only for a few hours, with people who had travelled a long way to meet them, who cared for them and loved them.

I could see the joy these children experience when playing football with a tattered ball and their own makeshift toys of flags, a drum kit of sticks and a bucket.

And then witnessed their joy at being presented with the gift of school uniforms. This was the first time they had ever received new clothes. The same expression of joy when we gave the children of an orphanage a cricket bat and ball, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, colouring books, crayons and balloons. The joy of these children melted my heart as they received these humble gifts with hearts full of gratitude.

The season of giving

Christmas is a special time when we can celebrate the birth of Jesus through the giving of gifts. For many of the children we support in Asia, this will be the only Christmas gift they receive. It may just be a pencil case, a water bottle, a schoolbag or even food to share with their families. Hardly the lavish Christmas gifts children in the western world are typically accustomed to receiving, but these children are always so thankful.

We look forward to the Christmas season with excitement as we aim to give gifts and a special meal to even more children this year. People like yourselves make all this possible and we are so grateful for the support we receive. Together we can make a difference.

Vision for Asia Child Education programme

How you can help

If you would like to provide a gift and a Christmas meal for a child this year, you can do so by making one-off Christmas donation of just £5 through our donations page.

Thank you so much and Happy Christmas!