The successful completion of the Rupamari Cycle repair course

Vision for Asia is thrilled to be able to offer our sincerest congratulations to the six men of Rupamari Island who have successfully completed the Cycle Repair Course.

The men have each been given the gift of a certificate to mark their achievement, as well as a tool kit to enable them to start work immediately.

Such an achievement!

This course, at the initiation of Vision for Asia and together with our partners Piyal and Peter, commenced in September 2018 and ran for 8 months.

The purpose for it was to train a small group of men in a skill which was relevant to the lifestyle of the Island. Bicycles are the main mode of transport and consequently there is a great need to keep them well serviced.

Each of the men have their own vision in completing the course and that is to be able to set up their own small business in order to support their families financially.

We wish these men all the very best for their futures!

Thank you for all your support!

Thank you so much from the men themselves, and from Vision for Asia, for your financial and prayerful support for this project.

We are sure you will continue to remember them in your prayers as they seek to make a success of their newly learned skills.