Sewing Project – May 2019 update

From Pastor Piyal

Greetings in His precious Name,

Once again we are really very happy to say that, by the Grace of God, all the ladies on this sewing course are enjoying themselves by learning this skill.

The tailoring teacher is very happy to teach them and make sure that they may learn both the practical and theory sides of tailoring. Initially, the ladies were taught how to cut a pattern and now they are starting on the sewing machines.

Learning on a sewing machine

They are enjoying this course very much and most of all they are learning with heart and mind.

Learning on a sewing machine

We are really very happy to see their effort and hard work and very soon we hope that they will be able to develop their skills in earning an income to support their families.

Once again we thank God and also those who are making this Sewing project a success at Manickpur.

Thanks and also with lots of blessing with best regards.

His Servant, Piyal.