Vision for asia logo for mobile

A new look and website for Vision for Asia.

It was in June 2018 that the Directors met to discuss the visual impact of our existing literature and to bring it up to date in its content. The big question was, how do we do it and where do we start?

Did we need a new name, a new logo, a new strapline, a new colour scheme?  The answer was “Yes” to all except the new name. It was felt that our current supporters knew us by this name and had an emotional connection to it.

Having spent two hours going round and round in circles and getting nowhere to finding a solution to the other aspects, one of the Directors googled “Graphic Designers” in our local area and arranged for two of us to discuss our dilemma that afternoon.


We can only say that it was God who directed us to Zoe at KIND.Design, as she immediately understood our core values and was able to offer a solution. The solution being what is in front of you throughout this website. Yes, not only did we decide on rebranding Vision for Asia, but also to carry the process on to designing a new website.

Zoe’s rationale behind the design

“The new identity reflects the positive and energetic personality of the charity. It symbolises the positive outcome of the collaboration between three types of people working together to create innovative and sustainable projects in Asia; God, the partners in Asia who run the projects and the UK supporters of the work.

The three colours represent the three stages which run throughout all of the projects; Empowerment, Education and Liberation. The different spots that make up each line represent the many and diverse projects that Vision for Asia support.

Hot and vibrant colours suggest hope and empowerment, also inspired from the colours in Asia. The logo has an upward trajectory, symbolising movement and change, coming together at the top to create a flower shape that represents the positive effects that working together has on the people that come into contact with Vision for Asia.”

Zoe’s professional approach and artistic ability were underpinned throughout the process by the whole ethos of her company name, KIND. A name which reflects the personalities of those we have had the privilege of working with, Zoe, Mat and Richard. We are so grateful to them for the hours, weeks and months they have invested in this work.

From that initial meeting Zoe has become more than someone who we employed to do this immense work, but also a friend. She also makes a great cup of coffee!

We are excited about our new look and look forward to steering Vision for Asia into the future, reaching out and engaging with new supporters.

Finally, we would not hesitate to recommend KIND.Design to anyone wishing to embark on this exciting venture to enhance and bring attention to their own Business or Charity. You will not regret it.