VfA Covid-19 response

Dear Friends,

The spread of the novel coronavirus has caused major disruptions, changes, and as one media outlet called it, “forced new realities”. It has also stirred up new fears, anxieties, and even widespread panic. But one thing has not changed, the sovereignty of God. He is still on the throne.  This is the time, this is the year, to arise as a Church scattered to help those in need.  We may temporarily not be able to meet as the “Church gathered”, but we are the Church exactly where the Lord wants us to be. 

One thing is clear, we know the Church will continue to endure, that the Gospel will continue to go out, and that Christ will continue to reign.

We know that you are praying for our nation as well as the parts of the world which have been hit by this virus. Please also continue to remember our partners, their families and the communities in which they minister. These areas have already suffered great hardship and loss because of the poverty which they have had to endure for years. Without having the luxury to be able to wash their hands with soap and clean water, and no free access to health care, the threat and devastation which this virus could cause in these communities is unimaginable. 

This is not an option in rural Asia

Trustee’s Response

As well as supporting our own individual UK charities during this current crisis, we also have the huge commitment in supporting our partners in the humanitarian work that they are beginning to embark upon in distributing food parcels to those in desperate need. We know that they, like us, are in it for the long haul.

Food distribution

We cannot forget our friends, nor those with whom they are meeting who are suffering. Therefore, we shall be sending as much as we can currently afford from VfA general funds in order to help carry our partner’s load in a small way. As one of our partners says, “I know the Lord is doing something and His angels are working in all our prayers, as He promises, 

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31:6

Thank you for your continuing prayer support for our partners during this time of global crisis, and if you would like to help support them financially during this current crisis, you can do so through the donations page https://www.visionforasia.org/about-us/make-a-donation/

Please pray and support our partners

We continue to remember you, our friends and supporters, in our prayers. Keep well, stay strong and be blessed.

Every Blessing,
The Trustees