Vision of Asia Cycle project

The ABC of Cycle repairing

First of all, I would like to thank God, and those who are behind the scenes, for giving me an opportunity to learn how repair bicycles by attending the Cycle project. I am really enjoying myself. My important part of learning is:

A is for Air:  Properly inflated tyres helps prevent flats. Check the side wall of your tyre for the recommended tyre pressure. While you’re checking the air, take the opportunity to ensure your quick-release levers and through axles (if you have them) are properly tightened as well. Then, before you ride, make sure you have your patch kit and pump with you.               

B is for Brakes: Squeeze your front and rear brake levers to make sure that the brakes engage properly and smoothly.

C is for Chain: Look at your chain and all the gears. Keeping your chain lubricated and everything clean will ensure your bike shifts easier and the drivetrain (made up of the front chain rings, rear cassette, rear derailleur and chain) last longer.

After this training I will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to fix and maintain my own bicycle and to run my own shop.