From out of the Shadows – Testimony of a young woman

By Pastor Piyal

As the morning sun was glistening through the trees and casting its shadow, there was a shadow different from all the rest. That of a woman hiding herself from view not too far from her house.

A shadow which returned to the same spot day after day. Waiting. Watching. Listening.

Listening to the Word of God being preached to the members of the village House Church.

The Living God

Rita had grown up earnestly believing in the gods that her religion offered, but what she was hearing now was different. She was hearing about one God she had never heard about before. A real God. A living God. A God who loved her and cared for her. A God who became man and who was called Jesus Christ.

For the first time in her life, she was hearing what the cross of Jesus Christ meant. She heard that Jesus died in her place. She heard about His resurrection. This message, together with the worship and prayers coming from the House Church members, drew her to this spot week after week to hear more. No one from the House Church knew she was there.

Drawing closer

Rita longed to draw nearer to this group of people from her own village, wishing for the confidence to get closer. Until one day, as the group were praying, a woman spotted her. Leaving the praying group, she walked towards Rita. As she approached, she noticed that Rita was crying and invited her to come and sit with her and the other House Church members. She was asked whether there was anything she would like prayer for. Through her tears, Rita was able to tell them that she had been suffering physically for a long time.

The whole House Church immediately prayed for her and continued to do so every day for six months until she was well.

Hope replacing hopelessness

All the pain and the anguish were gone. Jesus touched her heart. Jesus touched her body and she was healed. She felt the touch of God on her life. Rita accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour and invited Him into her heart. Jesus had set her free. Jesus had healed her. Hope had replaced hopelessness.

“My Jesus make me fine!”


One month later, Rita returned to the doctor who, looking at the test results, was able to tell Rita she was healed. Rita told the doctor that “My Jesus make me fine.”

Easter celebrations

Rita’s story doesn’t end here. On 17th April during the Easter celebrations in their village, Rita had the joy of bringing her husband, Pradip, to the Lord and they both took water Baptism knowing that they would serve the Lord Jesus together, the One true God, for the rest of their lives.

Rita, Pastor Piyal and Pradip