In partnership with local pastors, our aim is to help to make more fresh water available in the rural areas of Kolkata, where contaminated water is in daily use and drilling bore holes is still done by hand. 

We wish to fund the purchase of a tractor, trailer and drilling rig. The drilling rig will be towed to places which are not easily accessible and its use will save a considerable amount of time and effort, enabling fresh water to be supplied much more quickly.  Many people will benefit through the availability of fresh water in their area. 

When not drilling, the tractor will be available for other purposes in the community, such as transporting goods and ploughing fields.  Our local partner will decide on the most appropriate use of the equipment and be responsible for it.

With the generosity and kindness of many people who have donated to this project, the fund is accumulating very well and we hope to be able to purchase the equipment as soon as possible so that we can supply more uncontaminated water to those in need.  The money raised so far is being held in the Vision for Asia bank account until we can make the purchase.

Provision will be made for storage and maintenance of the equipment; manpower from the local community will be employed to operate it.  We will also make provision for operating costs such as manual water pumps, fittings, pipework, fuel and a driver. 

Recent Update

We have been able to give money to Amit Thomas and Samuel Joshua for a bore well each. Samuel Joshua was able to act promptly and had his bore well in operation within two weeks. He sent many photographs of the equipment and the completed installation. Some of the photographs show the heavy duty, commercial equipment that was used. Amit Thomas has also completed his installation and sent photographs of the opening ceremony. 

In January 2017 we were able to fund yet another bore well for Samuel Joshua and, on receiving the necessary funds, he was very quick to have the water installation in operation, giving fresh water to many people who were previously using polluted water.

Following a successful fundraising effort over a 2-year period, Piyal Mondal has now been able to purchase a tractor and trailer and other agricultural accessories, which are in use on a daily basis and Piyal will be submitting regular reports on their use. Piyal has carried out a water installation on Rupamari Island and has sent photographs.