Vision for Asia works closely with our local partners sharing their vision to help the poor. One such vision is to share the love of Jesus with women who could be given the opportunity to learn a life skill through sewing. This would help lift their families out of poverty and give them hope for the future.

In November 2012 the first sewing school was established in one village with 10 ladies.  Within two years, three sewing centres have been established; the first is now being run as a social enterprise project, helping widows earn an income for themselves.  There is no benefits system and no hand-outs in India.  If you don’t work you don’t earn and have nothing to survive on.

To follow on from the ladies training we set up a co-operative in 2014.  They are now getting a monthly income from this which is a real blessing to them.  This will need to run for two years by which time (if not before) we hope the ladies will have become self-sufficient.

The second sewing project was started in May 2014 in a different location. This project was open to Christians and Hindus as the hand of hope was extended to these Islanders. These families are poorer than the beggars on the streets, therefore a good place for the second project to be established. 

The group of ladies finished their training in April 2015, and to accommodate them and another 20 ladies waiting to be taught, an even more exciting project has been started.  A large plot of land has been bought through the sewing fund-raising and it is hoped that in the future the whole site will house not just a sewing centre but a church -the first on the island - and a school.  We are hoping that others will come on board to help in this exciting opportunity to help grow and support the community there.

One way to do this is through sponsorship. After completing their training, the ladies will form a co-operative model which Peter Ruffhead has developed. The amount needed in sponsorship to help each lady to get started is either a one-off payment of £264, or 24 payments of £11.00. With this help, the aim is to enable them to become self-sufficient within 18-24 months. Details of this sponsorship and how it works can be obtained by contacting Peter Ruffhead at  

A third project was started in October 2014 at Nandakumar Pur and 11 ladies have started to learn how to sew ; again both Hindus and Christians make up this group.

Prayer and faith have been two main factors in the development of this work, particularly faith in stepping out into an unknown area of work for both Piyal and ourselves.  The Lord has blessed this venture in a very special way by His wonderful provision of huts, machines, materials and teachers.  All these things have to be paid for and with the start of the second project we introduced a sponsorship scheme for the ladies to cover their teaching costs. This sponsorship would be funded by either a one-off payment of £120.00, or 12 payments of £10.00. This covers the cost of tuition fees and teaching materials. Further details of this can be obtained from  

“Sew kindness, sew mercy, sew love”