Philippines Update

Pastor Chary Refugio, Philippines

Greetings to you all in the wonderful name of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord for the great and mighty things He has done for us and in the lives of the people here in the Philippines, through all your prayers and support.

Pastors’ Appreciation Banquet

Last December by the grace of God we are able to have a Pastors’ Banquet in Labason, Zamboanga del Norte, and it was attended by many Pastors and their spouses from different churches and denominations. Most of them are ministering to the tribal people in the mountains and in different Muslim tribes. It was a wonderful fellowship that refreshed, encouraged and strengthened them. They said that was their first experience in their ministry life. And we gave them gifts: clothes, groceries, kitchen wares and cash. And we prepared for them a nice meal and it was a wonderful fellowship of unity amongst the pastors and church leaders. Praise the Lord!!!

Christmas Programme

We conducted feeding programmes for hundreds of children from different places and it is such a joy and a precious gift from the Lord to see those children touched by His wonderful love. Hallelujah!!!

Because the enemy is working hard to destroy the lives of our innocent children here in the Philippines, please include also in your prayers our outreach programmes for the children.
We were able to distribute clothes to hundreds of families who live in the jungle and mountains and we let them feel the amazing love of our wonderful Saviour that could never let us go, and their response was so great... Praise the Lord!!!

Vision for Asia Ministry Tour in Mindanao

In the last Friday and Saturday of every January, we celebrate the ministry anniversary and have a general convention. This New Year we were so honoured and blessed by the visit of our wonderful precious brothers in the Lord: Andrew, Ricky and Jason. They were God’s precious gift in our celebration that was attended by more than four hundred people, including children from our churches in neighbouring towns and places.
In our City of Dipolog, we gathered together for the celebration, and we held our two day celebration in our church in Galas. The day they arrived in Dipolog City, Brother Andrew and Brother Ricky ministered the word and Bro. Jason encouraged us, and we saw a tremendous response from the pastors, church leaders and the people. It was such a wonderful fellowship that was so full and very rich; memories for all of us to cherish. To God be the Glory!!!  

After the celebration we travelled to some different places; mountains and walking in the jungle. Despite the very serious threat of terrorism in our country, most especially in our Island of Mindanao,  God kept us in His ark of safety - and we were so inspired and encouraged by the passion and love that God put in the hearts of our precious brothers, Andrew, Ricky and Jason. To God be the Glory! We visited a Military Camp in the mountain and prayed for the soldiers and we saw a tremendous response from the people in every meeting.

And one of the unforgettable experiences that I must tell you about was when we ministered to a school in the top of the volcano in Nueva Vista, or Mt. Malindang. I prayed for that village for fifteen years that I might be able to go up there and minister, and God paved the way last year to conduct an evangelistic crusade there. So this year I brought our precious brothers, Andrew, Ricky and Jason to minister to the Pastors and the whole school because the teachers were concerned that their students were demon-possessed, girls talking like big mad men and lots of demonic manifestation. Many times it stopped their classes, because in this mountain there is a cult group that doesn’t believe in Jesus and doesn’t believe in the Bible.

When we travelled up that mountain we really experienced demonic restraint, like the car that we hired that will pick us up at 7 in the morning but never showed up until 10.00am. Our meeting there, was 9:00 am and by 7: 30 am they call us to say that they are on their way to pick us up, and then at 10:45 they called us to say they are not available but Praise God! If the enemy has a plan our God has a wonderful plan because He provided us a car right after that, Hallelujah!

When we arrived at the place we re-scheduled the meeting in the school for the afternoon so we then ministered to the pastors first; we had wonderful fellowship with the four pastors there, encouraged and strengthened them and prayed for them. Brother Andrew shared a word from the Lord and it was very timely and Brother Ricky encouraged them. I let brother Jason evangelize a lady named Walita that transformed her and she found Jesus at that time. And after that we had a wonderful fellowship lunch with the Pastors.

In the afternoon we were going to minister to the school. It was raining but the students came down from their school with their teachers to the centre of the village, because there is a covered court there where we started our meeting. Brother Andrew played the song, ‘Thy Kingdom Come,’ brother Jason shared his testimony and then brother Ricky shared a story of the importance of the Word. Andrew shared about the wonderful Love of Jesus, and after that we gave them the opportunity to respond to the Love of God. All of them including their teachers responded, Hallelujah! Glory to God! 

After that, their countenance was radically changed; they were so very happy they were transformed and one of the teachers came to me and shook my hand, and he said this was his first time to hear this message. I was shocked to hear the teacher and yet amazed at what the Lord Jesus was doing. And now I’ve heard reports after that meeting that there is a huge difference in the students and the School is changed. Praise the Lord!

Thank you very much for all your prayers and support for the works of the Lord in the Philippines, that God made this possible through you.