Our vision is to install water pumps where there is no access to clean or running water. There are still millions of people who do not have the luxury of clean, running water in their village let alone their own home, necessitating women and children to have to walk long distances, spending many hours each day carrying heavy loads. Our project aims to help communities by giving them access to clean, uncontaminated water in their village setting.


Each year at Christmas we support feeding programmes which our partners in Asia run. These not only provide large numbers of people with a meal but also give opportunities to share the gospel message, sometimes where it has never been heard before. Children also receive a gift for Christmas.

Care and Share

The Care and Share project sends clothing to Asia as part of a humanitarian and welfare effort. It is mainly distributed to orphans and street children but also to other deserving families. We also send baby clothes which a team of dedicated volunteers knit for us.

The distribution of blankets to rickshaw drivers is another part of this outreach.


To meet local needs, we become involved in fund-raising to help our partners with their building projects. These can include churches, meeting rooms, schools, houses, workshops and orphanage facilities.

Medical and Dentistry

In the future, it is our wish to provide medical and dentistry services in Asia. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who can help us advance this service.