The farming project started in 2011 in India.  Our local partner has a heart for the Dalit population who basically do the hard labour jobs for very little money.

The project works in this way:  our partner goes out to the villages to see where the greatest need is.  Once a location is established, a water pump is installed as the first part to the work there.  Then a small number of families are introduced to the programme, which is basically supplying them with seeds to plant for a whole year.  The idea is that they grow more than they need and sell the surplus.  They then use the money they make for the next year so that they become self-sufficient. 

The project, therefore, provides clean drinking water and food for better health and nutrition.  The people’s needs are met physically.

There is another side to this project as, once it is working, the village is given a Christmas feeding programme for all and the gospel is then shared there.  None of the villages we have worked in have heard it before.  We have now done this in four villages.

Can you help?

We are looking to continue and expand this project so how can you help?  The cost of providing a water pump is £550 and seed for one family is £1 a week, or £52 for a year.

If you wish to support this project you can do so by giving or fund raising for it. Be Involved now.